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Sandwich Shop Studio

A line of carefully handcrafted ceramics by Courtney Reagor of Sandwich Shop




Sandwich Shop is a one-woman operation. Each piece is thrown on a wheel, glazed by hand and fired in small batches.

Every time I sit down to start a new batch of work, the circumstances in the studio are varied. It gives each series of objects its own bench mark and I want to share that process with my customers.
— Courtney Tate, Owner of Sandwich Shop

Why Limited Editions?


The beauty of these objects lies within the individual characteristics they possess because of the nature of their materials. My goal is to make functional ceramic objects that feel good in your hand, are nice to look at and are things that are worth collecting and keeping over time.

Producing Limited Editions allow me to focus my time and attention on a specific series of unique handmade wares, meant to be used everyday and collected forever. The nature of this process gives each piece intrinsic value and allows each object to belong to a certain moment in time. The Shop will offer a particular product or group of products until they sell out. Which then makes room for new editions in the shop and new collections in your home. Each piece will be marked on the bottom with its number in the edition. These will then be cataloged and kept track of on our library of work.

What You Pay For.

Each piece is thoughtfully developed through a series of sketches and prototypes. I am always trying to improve upon existing products and expand the library of hand-drawn patterns. No two pieces are identical but they all belong to a particular family of objects, made in the same period of time.

Our materials are sourced through a local ceramic supplier which cuts down the amount of shipments we receive, which in turn reduces the amount we tack onto the price of the products.

We try to reuse our packing materials as often as we can to reduce the amount of waste we produce in the studio and reduce the shipping cost our customer pays. 


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